Miniature Cheviot Sheep For Sale

Shepherd’s Bounty has an excellent selection of Miniature Cheviots to fit every need and budget. It is our goal to raise exceptional, healthy animals, exhibiting all the special qualities that are represented in the Miniature Cheviot breed. We guarantee the health of our animals when they leave the farm and will replace any animal that is found, by vet certification, to have a genetic problem. We are always available to offer support in any way that we can.  We try to keep this site as updated as possible, but if you ever have any questions about anything in particular please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email.  We check these each evening and make every effort to return any communications on that same day. 

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Cheviot Fleeces & Yarns For Sale

Splendid fiber for many uses

Splendid fiber for many uses

For today’s handspinner, Cheviot wool is an excellent fiber to work with for the novice or expert alike.  The novice will enjoy the ease from washing to carding and spinning, while the expert will appreciate the distinctive helical crimp wool with SUPER elasticity (great for socks, hats, etc., anything that needs stretch).  This wool washes up very white and takes up dye like no other.  Additionally it produces an incredible volume at a low fleece weight, making for wonderfully light wearing garments.

One of Shepherd's Bounty fleeces

Professionally shorn fleeces

 Shepherd’s Bounty has been raising the Cheviot breed of sheep for over forty years and has become very familiar with the proper shearing, handling and storage methods of a fleece.  All of our wool is sold as greasy weight (not washed).  These fleeces have been professionally sheared with few second cuts.  They are not heavily skirted, but the britch, neck, legs, and any heavy contamination have been removed.



Fleeces Available

We now have fleeces available.  Contact us for first choice.