Miniature Cheviots


Shepherd's Bounty "Heidi", Miniature Cheviot Ewe

Shepherd’s Bounty “Heidi”, Miniature Cheviot Ewe

Miniature Cheviots (pronounced “chevy-ette”)  for many reasons are a near perfect choice for the recreational shepherd and there is no more beautiful breed of sheep for this purpose.  Not only are they delightful and captivating, they are ideally suited for small-farm production.  Miniature Cheviots are versatile and offer resources to make their own value-added farm products such as meat, yarn, woolen garments, noxious weed control and vineyard management.  Miniature sheep ownership provides a wonderful learning experience and a great sense of accomplishment for the young and the young at heart. One of the most rewarding aspects of owning miniature sheep is the camaraderie that occurs between family members.  Even those who cannot start or continue to manage a full-sized sheep, can enjoy a Miniature Cheviot in a variety of ways; be it the show ring, as a spinners flock or simply having one as a companion.

Ivan the Great An Outstanding Grand Champion

“Ivan the Great” An Outstanding Grand Champion Mini Ram

The conception behind the Miniature Cheviot sheep has not been to create a new breed but preserve the old-time Cheviot as it appeared until it was bred up to modern meat-producing standards. Therefore, the historical standards of the Cheviot breed are that of the Miniature Cheviot sheep as well.  For centuries the Cheviot sheep have grazed their native hills in the border region of Scotland and the hills alone have afforded their only sustenance and shelter. They have been known and recognized to thrive with vigor and strength even in the harshest of conditions.  The Miniature Cheviot has retained the fine characteristics of their ancestors and has gone on to become a successful and important part in the small-farm setting.

Our 2012 Spring Lambs

Mini Cheviot Lambs

The miniature sheep industry is an exciting and personally satisfying one with a bright future. From Scotland’s deep morasses and rugged hillsides, these amazing little animals have found their popularity and value in the United States. When you acquire your first Miniature Cheviot sheep, you will experience the splendor of these bright, inquisitive and alert sheep. No matter what your goal is, your connection with your Miniature Cheviot will be truly gratifying.