In 1975 Flock Master, Dean Hyden gets his start in the sheep industry.

 The young man with a born love for sheep is the one, as a rule, who will strive in his younger years either to find employment with some flockowner, or perhaps to engage for himself in   sheep husbandry.  He likes sheep, he likes to feed and take care  of them.  Such men, when they have learned the details  connected with the business, are those who achieve the best results.
      (Kleinheinz 1920)
Home of pure bred Border Cheviot sheep, careful selectionsare made to bring out the best qualities of this oldest and hardiest of sheep breeds.

Cheviots are known as “The Perky Profitable Breed” for good reason… more head per acre, more profit per season.

Cheviots are one of the smaller commercial breeds, weighing between 130 and 200 pounds at maturity. This manageable size makes them incredibly efficient grass to lamb converters which means we can sit back and watch our lambs grow big and strong on pasture and free-choice mineral.



Cheviots are an alert resilient breed, with ewes that experience few lambing problems, the lambs are vigorous, and ewes are protective and attentive mothers.


Cheviots make ideal show animals for 4-H and other youth projects bringing in the next generation of sheep producers.


Our ewes and rams demonstrate excellent breed character, are structurally sound and thick, are very feed efficient and maintain themselves on grass. They have excellent taste, texture and tenderness which translates to very high yielding, high quality, and high value carcasses.

 Shepherd’s Bounty enjoys sharing their farm with many friends and neighbors who have returned time and time again.  We always enjoy
talking about our passion, raising sheep, and sharing our experiences with those wanting to know more about the sheep business.