Shepherd's Bounty

Miniature Cheviot Sheep

by Shepherd's Bounty.

The hardiest, healthiest,

handsomest of the breeds.


As old as the earliest records and characterized by their hardiness and spirit, Cheviot sheep historically are pert, active and bright eyed with their face keen and pure white, refined and elegant with attentive upright ears. Their bodies predominantly low set, having long, broad frames covered with a distinctive white fleece of splendid fiber.

Since 1974 Shepherd’s Bounty’s distinguished flock has been built on these traditional old style bloodlines, emphasizing the true characteristics of the turn-of-the-century Cheviot sheep.   With our mission statement “to see the future by looking into the past” we have been committed in preserving and promoting these ancient and hardy Cheviot sheep from yesteryear for tomorrow’s shepherds. 


With Regards,

Dean and Kari Hyden, Flockmasters